Grey’s Anatomy Alternate Universe Raises Major Questions

In February, ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will be doing an Alternate Universe episode as Meredith wonders “what if?” about certain aspects of her life.  Namely, what if her mother never had Alzheimer’s and died?  The result is an interesting shift in many beloved characters.  Want to see a couple of pictures?  Read on for more.

Meredith’s mom is happy, and from the looks of things also the Chief.

Mer and Kepner are BFFs? And what is up with Cristina’s hair?!

Click here to see more pictures and a full story on the episode.  What do you think readers?  How will Meredith behave in a world where her mother is alive and (seemingly) happy?  Do you think that she will be best friends with Kepner in this AU, much like she is best friends with Cristina in the “real” world?  And speaking of Cristina, why does she look so angry?  And what is going on with her hair?



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