Once Upon A Time’s Jennifer Morrison talks episode 1×09

Are you a fan of ABC’s Once Upon A Time?  I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to be.  I’m usually not a fan of live action movies/shows that try to bring the fairy tale world to life, but this show really got my curiosity going so I decided to check it out.  And I am so glad that I did!  I have gotten so hooked on this show, it is a highlight of my Sunday night and I look forward to it every week.  Star Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) recently talked to TV Line about Episode 9 (airing 1/15/12).  What did she have to say? Click to find out!

“This is actually one of my favorite episodes,” Jennifer Morrison says of bounty hunter-by-trade Emma’s mission to track down the Maine moppets’ birth dad, before they are put into the foster care system.

“Since you can’t flash back to my life in fairytale land, because it never happened, they’re using Hansel and Gretel as they did Cinderella [in “The Price of Gold”] to reveal some of Emma’s backstory,” the actress explains. “So what Emma goes through to try and help these children ends up becoming very personal for her, as her own life [as a foster kid] is in a sense revealed.”

Click here to read the full story

Sounds interesting, right?  Every episode so far has intrigued me and this one looks like it will be no different.  I am interested to see the take that they have on this classic fairy tale, they have done an awesome job of adding all sorts of awesome twists and turns to classic stories, making them fresh again.  I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight to watch, will you?




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