Pretty Little Liars Cast Talk Identity of “A”.

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars is an absolute addiction.  Each week it draws me in more and more, and I absolutely love it.  When the show first came on the scene in 2010 I thought it was just a fluffy bubble gum type show, but it quickly proved to be much more than that.  The mystery of discovering who the stalker known as “A” is has been an exciting one, one with many twists, turns and surprises.  But that journey is about to come to an end because in the Season 2 finale this March, we will finally learn the identity of “A”. And guess what?  The cast is starting to drop some hints!  Wanna see what they have to say?  Read on to find out!

“I had an idea because I read the books, but I didn’t know if they would keep the same person, and they twisted it,” Ashley Benson told EW last night at the People’s Choice Awards. “It’s not what it is in the books, to throw off the audience a bit. It was so cool. I think some fans have a good idea, but you’ll see as the season progresses.”

And if fans think they have it figured out now, they might want to wait before making their official guesses. “They made it complicated before the big reveal,” she says. “[It] was one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever filmed — everybody is masked, so you don’t know who’s who and that makes it creepy.”

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I am SO EXCITED to finally know the answer to this mystery!  I have an idea as to who it is, but one thing I’ve learned while watching this show is that nothing is EVER as it seems.  Who do you think is the one behind the text messages and other threats to the Pretty Little Liars?  Are you as excited as I am to find out who is behind it all?



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