Review of Once Upon A Time Episode 1×09 “True North”

So this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time explored the tale of Hansel and Gretel.  First, I am going to discuss the fairy tale world version and then I will discuss the real world version.  This will contain spoilers so for those who have not yet seen the episode, don’t read.  As for those who have seen the episode, click to continue reading.

In the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel are separated from their father in the Evil Queen’s forest, something she doesn’t take too kindly to.  They try to run away from her but she is obviously too powerful for them and they are unsuccessful in their attempts.  She tells them she admires their bravery and sends them on a mission to retrieve something for her from the house of the Blind Witch.  She says they need to wait until nightfall until the witch is asleep, and no matter how tempted they may be, they are not to eat anything.  So finally night falls and the children sneak in.  They see the black leather satchel that the queen needs and Gretel goes to grab it.  Meanwhile, Hansel decides to be a greedy little boy and not listen to the queen’s warning.  What does he do?  He licks frosting off of a cupcake.  I cannot even begin to tell you how badly this frustrated me.  I knew it was going to happen, but it still annoyed me.  I was shouting at the screen “no, little boy! don’t be dumb! listen to the queen’s warning!” but of course, my shouting was useless.

So thanks to Hansel licking the cupcake, the witch wakes up and being that she’s blind, she has a keen sense of smell.  She uses this to trap the children inside of a cage and prepares her oven for dinner.  You know how the tale goes from there, they outsmart the witch and shove her into the oven.  However in this twist, they grab the satchel the queen needed and take off for her castle.  The queen has been watching from her mirror and she is the one who ends up setting the witch on fire, throwing a fireball through her mirror and into the oven that the witch is trapped in.  When the children get to the castle, it is revealed that inside the satchel is her poisonous apple.  First off, I’d like to know how the witch got her hands on the apple in the first place.  I really hope that we get to find out the answer to that at some point in the future.  Thankful to have her apple back, the queen offers to let Hansel and Gretel live with her in her castle, claiming that their father has abandoned them.  Gretel shoots down the queen’s offer which greatly upsets her, and she uses her magic to land them back in the middle of the forest.

We find out that the queen really has their father and she decides to let him go.  She says that he can be reunited with his children, but only if they can find each other.  Given that they are dropped in the middle of a huge forest, it’s not likely that they will be finding each other any time soon.

So now in the real world, we’re seeing Hansel and Gretel as twins who live on their own.  Their mother died and they have no idea who their father is.  They resort to stealing to provide for themselves and Emma ends up getting involved with them and helps search for their father.  Of course, Mayor Regina tries to make it difficult for her but she is eventually able to track him down.  He is working as a mechanic and he shows no interest in having his children.  Regina tells Emma to take them to Boston but when she complies, her car breaks down just outside of of Storybrooke (I’m still confused as to whether or not the car really stalled or if Emma did something) and Emma calls for help, the father, to come tow them.  He sees the kids and he decides that he can take them in after all.

Happy with how things ended, Emma goes back to Storybrooke and bumps into Henry.  They talk for a minute about Henry’s dad (Emma told him a story about his dad being a hero earlier on in the episode.  Unbeknownst to Henry, that was all made up.  Again, I hope we get more on this in the future) and while they are talking, they see a mysterious man ride into town on a motorcycle.  He asks them where he can stay and they point him to the B&B.  The man is very mysterious and why he is in town is not yet known, but it looks like it will be explored next week.


All in all this was a good episode, I’d give it an 8/10.  The kids playing Hansel and Gretel annoyed me and I just found their actions irritating (even though I knew what was going to happen).  The mysterious man should be good, I can’t wait to see who he is and what he wants.  And I hope we get some follow up on Henry’s dad, too!  What did you guys think of this week’s episode?  Are you looking forward to finding out who the mysterious stranger is?


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