Episode Review: 90210 4×13 “Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?”

Tuesday night’s episode of 90210 was a bit of a miss as far as I was concerned.  The closing moments of the episode intrigued me and have me wanting to tune in next week, which is good.  But the actual episode itself?  Kinda boring.  Check out my thoughts after the jump.

I’ll start out with Annie/Liam/Vanessa.  I found this whole situation stupid and frustrating throughout the entire episode.  Yeah, Annie was in Paris but it’s not like she was there just for fun…she was there to see her mother!  Liam was being a big baby about that, and the fact that he moved on so quickly to this Vanessa girl shows how little he really cares about Annie and their relationship.  Annie’s little discovery at the end though was quite interesting, I’m very curious to see where it goes from here.

Silver/Navid/Greg/Kat/Navid’s Dad: I’m lumping this all under one because they were all basically connected.  The thing with Navid, his uncle and his father had a rather anti-climactic finish if you ask me.  It was something that they had been building on all season long and they just resolve it quickly in one episode?  I was quite disappointed with that.  I was expecting something much more suspenseful than what we actually got.  And we all know that Silver and Navid will eventually get back together (even though they’re one of THE most boring couples.  Ever.)  so why they feel the need to drag it out, I don’t know.  Do any viewers like Silver and Navid as a couple?  Please let me know if you do, because I would like to know your reasons why.  The ending, where we find out that Silver is dating the adopted father of Ade’s baby was a shocker though.  My mouth literally dropped open when I saw that.  The only thing that kind of threw me is that the actor is different.  But that’s a minor detail that I can forgive.

Dixon/Adrianna:  This one was just….I don’t know.  I like Dixon and Adrianna together but for some reason they just didn’t click for me in this episode.  I didn’t like anything about their story, it all just felt like filler. Nothing about it was good.

Naomi: See above.  Her story with Austin and work was just painful to watch.


This episode gets a 5/10 (the end bumps it up from a 4) and I was really disappointed with it.  I have high hopes for next week’s episode  though, so here’s hoping it is as good as it looks!


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