Episode Review: Revenge Episode 1×13 “Commitment”

Wednesday night’s episode of Revenge was AWESOME. Actually, the last two weeks of Revenge have been exceptionally great.  This has been one of the breakout shows of the year and the last couple of weeks have really emphasized that fact.  Click to continue on and see what I thought about this week’s episode.

So in last week’s episode we found out that Charlotte was not Conrad Grayson’s daughter.  She is actually, in fact, the daughter of David Clarke, who was having a love affair with Victoria.  Needless to say, Emily was stunned by this revelation because she had no idea that Charlotte was actually her half sister.  But that wasn’t going to deter her from continuing on with her plan.  She decided to plant the tapes she had stolen the previous week in Amanda’s purse to cause friction between her and Victoria.

Meanwhile Conrad, unaware that Charlotte is not his biological daughter, takes her and Declan out to breakfast and offers to pay for him to go to prep school with Charlotte, as a way to say thanks for being there for Charlotte during all of the divorce drama.  During the meal, Conrad was given the tape that revealed Charlotte was not his daughter.  Needless to say, he was livid and confronted Victoria.  The obligatory DNA tests take place and it’s revealed that Charlotte is in fact not a Grayson.  During all of this, Victoria also met with Amanda and voiced her suspicions that she was not who she says she is.  Using a spoon that Amanda put in her mouth, Victoria hoped to find the answer she was looking for.  But much to her shock, the DNA test came back as a match.

This is where things got a bit confusing for me.  Emily obviously had a DNA sample of her own that she switched out with Amanda’s so that it would get the desired result,  but what threw me was who she was working with.  Was that Victoria’s divorce lawyer?  It looked like him, but I wasn’t completely sure.  Even on multiple viewings I just can’t be clear.  But if it WAS him, I’m even more thrown.  How did they come to have a working relationship?  Why was he working with Victoria if he was also working with Emily?  Those are the burning questions that this episode left me with, hopefully we’ll get an answer soon.

(side note: how sweet was Daniel’s proposal to Emily?  I really think she has genuine feelings for him.  If she doesn’t, she’s a lot colder than I thought.  However, I do love how crazy their engagement makes both of his parents.)

And then we have Jack’s attack.  It seems Victoria hired someone to find the tapes from Amanda.  The guy tries flirting with her unsuccessfully at the bar and later on, Jack finds him rummaging through Amanda’s purse and tries to stop him only to get the absolute crap kicked out of him for his troubles.  Nolan tells Emily what happened, which prompts her to tell Amanda the entire story of why she’s in the Hamptons.  She is able to convince Amanda it’s time for her to leave and she does, surprisingly without a fight.

In the end, Daniel finds out that Charlotte is not Conrad’s daughter.  But ever the master of deception, Victoria has him convinced that it was an act of sexual assault.  Daniel relays this to Emily, who we can see is visibly angered by this development.  As the show fades, Victoria walks out onto her balcony and Emily glares at her from her porch, and we can see the wheels turning in her mind.


Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. It was darn near perfect with plenty of drama and action to move the story along.  I’m not sure when the next episode is, but I do know that I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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