Episode Review: Grey’s Anatomy 8×12 “Hope For The Hopeless”

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was spectacular, but it was not for the reason that I originally thought.  Click to continue on and read my thoughts on this week’s episode.

First, let me start by saying that I find the Grey-Shepherd family to be absolutely adorable.  I have to say, that up until Zola I was not a fan of Derek and Meredith as a couple.  Having her sort of grounds them and keeps them from acting like high school kids parading around in scrubs, which is the way they came off to be up until the end of season 7 when she came into the picture.  Derek and Meredith as a couple are irritating and immature.  Derek and Meredith plus baby Zola as a family are an adorable unit that I love seeing.  I truly hope that they have finally found their happy ending, if only for the sake of the baby.

The story line with the young boy and his mother was a tearjerker for sure.  How brave was that little boy for letting his mom think he had no idea about his tumor?  So sweet and I wish that there had been a way to save him.  But of course, this is Grey’s and we all know that just because we’re rooting for someone to live and/or be saved does not necessarily mean that they will.  That’s the beauty of the show, you never really know which patients will get their happy ending and which ones won’t.  8 seasons in and there really doesn’t seem to be any particularly obvious formula for deciding the fates of patients, at least not to me.

The situation with Teddy/Cristina/Owen is volatile and delicate all at the same time.  Teddy clearly has a lot of animosity towards Owen and he has no idea how to handle it and get through to her.  She doesn’t know how to approach him yet with her feelings, she has a lot to work through on her own still before she can even begin to talk to Owen about things.  It’s a huge internal struggle and I don’t know if Owen doesn’t see that, or if he just doesn’t care.  People can call Cristina selfish all they want, but she feels horrible about what Teddy is going through and the part that she has played in it.  She feels like she owes Teddy a huge debt and is willing to do whatever she can to make that up to her.  I don’t think Owen can really fault her for that, but we can see that he obviously has other issues on his mind.  His yelling “you killed our baby!” at Zola’s party was…distasteful to say the least.  I get that he’s upset, but that was not the time nor the place to be bringing that up.  He knew from the beginning where Cristina stood on having children and yet he says she’s selfish for not giving him what he wants.  But on the flip side, isn’t he just as selfish for expecting her to suddenly change her stance just to make him happy?  Overall a very messy situation, I am curious to see how they move forward with this in the weeks to come.

The story with Meredith trying to declare her specialty and the transplant surgery was decent enough.  I am curious to see if Meredith does end up deciding on General Surgery, it certainly seems like she will but I guess only time will tell.  The sister who was donating part of her liver to her dying sister was SO irritating!  I kinda wish the dying sister had in fact died, because it would have allowed for a great moment where the annoying sister could have been put in her place by one of the doctors (preferably Bailey) and made to feel bad.  But I do like the way that it played out, with Meredith acting all motherly at the end between the two of them.  That was amusing to say the least.  All in all, it was a decent “Filler” type story, but I do want to find out what she settles on.

(Sidenote:  The Mark/Callie/Arizona bits were rather pointless so I’m not going to elaborate on those…except to say that I love Calzona.  But seriously, who doesn’t?)

The show stealer of the night, for me, was Adele and Richard’s story.  How absolutely heartbreaking!  Loretta Devine knocked it out of the park with her range.  She went from frustrated, to panicked and scared, to devastated, to happy.  Not to mention she has a beautiful singing voice as well!  It was a superb story with superb acting, and I sincerely hope that Loretta gets at LEAST an Emmy nomination for her performance in this episode. I do fear that this is one story that is not going to end up well, for me it seems that Richard Webber’s time on this show is coming to an end.  I can really see Adele passing away and him deciding to retire out of his grief, maybe even moving away from Seattle.  That’s just a theory obviously, we’ll see how things play out during the remainder of this season.

I would give this episode an overall rating of 9/10.  Good story, good pacing, PHENOMENAL acting.  I am invested in so much of the story right now, and I cannot wait to see where they go.  The coming weeks will be interesting, that’s for sure!  And speaking of interesting, how awesome does the next episode look?


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