Episode Review: Once Upon A Time 1×10 “7:15 AM”

This week’s episode was another good one.  Though I wonder, is this show capable of producing a bad episode?  I’m thinking not.  Click on to read my thought’s of the episode.

In the fairy tale world, we see the story of Snow White and the Prince continue on.  The Prince is still scheduled to marry the daughter of King Midas and Snow White is devastated by this.  She goes to Rumpelstiltskin to try to find a way to get over her love and he gives her a potion so powerful that it will make her forget him completely.  Is it me, or does Rumpelstiltskin get nastier and creepier with each episode?  I mean in this episode he was just disgusting.  He looked like a reptile in this episode, just foul.  But it’s quite a testament to actor Robert Carlyle and his talent, because he pulls the role off so well.

Meanwhile, the Prince is not happy about being forced into marriage.  He writes a letter to Snow and has a dove send it to her.  When she receives it she sneaks into the castle to talk to him, only to get captured by a guard and put in jail.  It is in jail that she meets Grumpy for the first time and we also meet the previously unknown eighth dwarf, Stealthy. Stealthy helps Grumpy out, who then helps Snow out after getting a pang of guilty conscience.  The dwarfs go to the courtyard where they are confronted by the King’s men.  Stealthy tries to escape but gets an arrow to the chest and dies.  I have to say, I saw that little part coming.  It makes the whole “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” thing happen quite nicely.  And indeed it does.  After the King forces Snow to tell Prince Charming that she doesn’t love him, she goes back to the woods where the Dwarfs find her and tell her she is coming with them.  I thought that was a nice spin on the tale that we have all come to know, and I liked adding that additional dwarf, even if it was only for a brief moment.

At the end, we find out that the Prince doesn’t go through with the wedding.  Grumpy goes to tell her the news, but it is discovered that she drank the potion and thus doesn’t remember who he is.  I’m interested now to see how they end up together, because if she can’t remember who he is, how do they end up getting married?  I know we’ll get the answer to that at some point, but I’d like to know NOW!  Ah well, delayed gratification. Gotta love it.

Now over in the real world,  Mary Margaret has been going to the Cafe every morning at 7:15 AM so that she can see David, who she can’t shake her feelings for.  She finds a dove trapped in a net and takes it to the animal shelter to see if it needs anything, but mostly as an excuse to see David because he works there.  After finding out the dove is fine but needs to be returned to its flock, she goes to the woods to release it.  A close encounter with death sees David rescuing her, apparently he decided to follow her.  Out of nowhere the storm hits, and in the pouring rain they find a cabin in them middle of the woods to take shelter in.  Conveniently, there’s also the supplies to build a fire for them to dry off and keep warm in front of!  After a moment, they both confess to going to the Cafe at the same time so that they can see each other each day.  Mary Margaret points out that she ran into his wife earlier in the day and that she thinks she may be pregnant.  This baffles David, but he declares his feelings  for Mary Margaret, telling her he loves her even though she’s married.  She tells him that she can’t have a relationship with him after a near kiss and the storm finally breaks, allowing her to free the dove.

David is then shown at home where his wife declares that she’s not pregnant.  David then tells her that he wants to work on their marriage, an announcement that seems to please her.  But at the end of the episode, both he and Mary Margaret run into each other at the Cafe again, even though they both went later than they had in the past in an attempt to avoid each other.  He chases her to an alley when she tries to run away from him and after exchanging words with each other, they kiss.  It seems like it’s the perfect romantic moment until we pan around to see Mayor Regina staring at them from her car.  Given that she knows the situation (since, you know, she did it) and has been trying to keep them apart, you know this is not going to end well.  But I do hope that they’re able to get together by the end of the season.

Remember that stranger who came to town at the end of last week’s episode?  Well this week he was first shown talking to Henry, which concerned Regina (I almost got the feeling that she actually cared about him!) and resulted in her going to Emma to tell her she needs to find out who this man is and why he’s in Storybrooke.  When she finds him, she questions him about his box that he’s always carrying around.  After teasing her, he opens it to reveal……a typewriter.  Which makes me wonder, is he a story writer?  He said he’s never been to Storybrooke before but he seems suspicious even in that regard, and Emma thinks so too.  I’m wondering if he’s going to turn out to be one of the Brothers Grimm or something, that would be kind of interesting to see.  We probably won’t find out the answer any time soon, but it will be fun to watch the journey!

I would give this week’s episode a 9/10.  It’s really been on a roll and I love it more and more each week.  I cannot WAIT to see what the next episode brings us!


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