Episode Review: Pretty Little Liars 2×17 “The Blond Leading The Blind”

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was MUCH better than last week’s episode.  Click to continue on and read my thoughts!

As a group, the girls discover the notes that A had been sending Alison before she was killed, finding out that A had been talking their BFF long before they were ever targets in this twisted game.  They also see more footage from the night that Ali was killed, footage of Ian, Garrett and Jenna in Ali’s room looking for videos that she had.  They also witness a scuffle between Garrett and Ian, possibly right before Ali walks into the room and catches them.

Emily really didn’t have a story of her own this week.  Her story basically consisted of sticking by Spencer while she dealt with Toby, so I guess there really isn’t much to talk about in regards to her this week.  So, with that being said, I’ll move on to the other girls.

Aria’s story was more of the same this week, pretending to hang out with Holden while she was really seeing Ezra.  Come on guys, did you really think that he wasn’t gonna show?  I do feel like we are back at square one with this relationship, but I trust the producers and writers that they have a plan, so I’ll wait it out and hope for the best.  The only difference in her story this week is that Holden is now a bit more mysterious than he was last week.  I have to admit, my first thought last week after watching was “he’s gay, that’s it.  worst. secret. ever.” but apparently, that’s not the case.  And you know, I like that and I hope that it really turns out that he’s not.  Because if he is, it’s waaaay too obvious and on this show, there’s nothing too obvious about anything.  He’s clearly hiding something, and I’m curious to find out just what that something is.  I just hope that we don’t have to wait too long to find out what it is!

Hanna had a couple of different stories.  Her first story was minor, trying to help Mona get over her breakup with Noel.  They make plans to go to Rive Gauche, unaware that Jenna overheard them.  When they get there, they find Noel and Jenna eating together.  Now I have to say, Jenna is a wonderful villain.  She’s sneaky, she’s evil, she’s manipulative…all while being blind.  It remains to be seen if she’s STILL blind, or if she’s pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes but regardless, she makes for an entertaining villain.  Of course who knows, maybe she’ll turn out to not be a villain at all.  You really just NEVER know with this show, there are so many twists and turns that you can’t settle on any solid theory.  Her other story was trying to keep Caleb safe.  He’s been decoding the videos for the girls to watch and Hanna is worried that this will make him a target with A.  In an attempt to keep him safe, she destroys the flash drive and tells him that he is done with helping them figure stuff out.  Of course, he went to the other girls and they all decided that he will keep helping, they just won’t be telling Hanna about it.  I think Hanna has a right to be worried, I mean A has no problems involving other people and hurting them.  Just look how they’ve messed with Spencer…

Toby getting hurt was quite possibly Spencer’s worst nightmare come true.  The guy she loves in the hospital, and in her mind it’s all because of her.  Wracked with guilt over what has happened, she has Emily tell Toby that Spencer is seeing Wren again, who happens to be Toby’s doctor.  She also got Wren to confirm the story, so Toby believes it and ends things with Spencer permanently, dropping off the truck she got him along with a note.  Spencer’s relationship has been successfully destroyed thanks to A, so now she has only herself and her friends to rely on.

As of this episode, I still have no clue where this could be going.  The story and mystery are so twisted that I know I will be absolutely STUNNED when all of the answers are out in the open.  We’re merely weeks away from finding out the identity of A; it’s going to be one hell of a fun roller coaster ride to get there and I can’t wait!


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