Katherine Heigl: “Izzie Meant A Lot To Me”

At the premiere of her latest movie “One For The Money”, Katherine Heigl further discussed returning to Grey’s Anatomy.

“I always thought that there would be an opportunity to go back [to the show] for at least a few episodes to sort of wrap it up in a way that everyone could feel good about,” Katherine told Access Hollywood at the premiere of her new movie, “One for the Money,” in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “As of now, we’re like, ‘Where did Izzie go? What is she doing?”… While there were rumors that the now-33-year-old was no longer happy playing the quirky young doctor at the time of her exit, Katherine said Izzie will always have a place in her heart. “I loved that character and she meant a lot to me,” she told Access.

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It’s nice to know that she is genuine about wanting to return, I know there are people out there who doubt her.  But I think it would be wonderful if she came back, and I really hope Shonda Rhimes takes it into consideration.  Let’s use the power of Twitter to get her on our side, folks!!  Tweet #bringIzzieback2Greys and let’s make our voices heard!



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