Katherine Heigl on Grey’s, Animal Activism and More

Katherine Heigl has been out promoting her new film and, as we all know, has mentioned a desire to return to Grey’s.  But other things she has been discussing includes animal activism and her passion for this particular line of work.

The important thing, she says, is that fans understand that she still loves Izzie. “I wouldn’t want anyone to feel misled or feel confused by my answer and I just want everyone to know, ‘Hey I love that show and I love that character just as much as you do,'” she says.

Meanwhile, she’s been blogging about sex, marriage, and balancing career and family for iVillage. This week, she took things in a different direction with a blog about her passion for animal activism. We’ve already seen the Funny or Die “I Hate Balls” Video she did to encourage people to fix their pets. 

“It was only four years ago that I became aware of the dire situation in our shelter systems and since then it has been immensely important to me to inform others who, like me, adore and respect their pets and would do anything to protect and shelter them but who are unaware of all the others in our country about animals suffering and dying needlessly,” she writes. “Four million healthy adoptable companion pets are being killed every year in our shelters due to overcrowding. I have faith, however, that animal lovers and activists at heart band together, we can change the statistics. The solutions can be complicated and seem impossible, but the reality is that there is something each one of us can do to help.”

Click here to read the full story

This woman is just an all around amazing human being.  I wish her nothing but success in her career, she truly deserves everything that she gets!



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