Revenge: Life Imitating Art?

This qualifies more as “gossip” than it does “news” but, US Weekly is one of the more reputable sources as far as news goes so, I’m choosing to share it on here.  If it doesn’t turn out to be true, then oops!  And if it is true, congrats to the happy couple!

Revenge costars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman have taken their romance offscreen! A source tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday) that the actress, 25, and the actor, 23, are an item. Though a second insider insists “it’s not serious” between the two, the actors rang in 2012 with pals at posh Paris club Rasputin.

Click here to read the full story

I personally hope this is true.  I think they look good together and have amazing chemistry with each other.  Congrats again to the happy couple if the reports are true, I wish you all the best!



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