Episode Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 1×11 “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree”

This week’s episode of Once Upon A Time was phenomenal!  But then again, when hasn’t it been phenomenal?  Starting with this review, I am going to be trying something different. I usually basically post recaps with some opinions thrown in, but this time I’m going to try avoiding the recap heavy format and focus more on sharing my opinions.  Entries may be shorter than normal until I get the hang of it, so bear with me.  Anywho, now that I have that out of the way, click on to read the review!

Starting off with fairy tale world, I have to say seeing the genie surprised me.  Of course, I always think of him as the friendly big blue lug from the Aladdin movies, so this was more than a little shocking.  Once he was brought to the castle as a freed man, I found myself thinking that he was going to end up with the Queen, who I actually felt sorry for…at first.  I have to say I was stunned, and also confused, when the Queen turned her back on the genie.  Does this mean her father was in on helping her frame the genie?  This would surprise me, because in the last episode that we saw him in, he seemed like he was a good person who also saw the good in his daughter.  Was the queen really actually framing the genie?  We know there’s a reason why she hates Snow White, why she became so angry and evil, yet we don’t know what that reason is yet.  Is it something to do with the genie, or is it something else entirely?  There is still so much mystery surrounding the queen, I’m really hoping that we get some answers soon.  I want to figure this woman out so badly!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed how we got the transition on how the genie was transformed into her mirror as well.  The little twists and turns that they put on these classic fairy tales is really quite genius, and it makes me look at Disney movies in an entirely different light.  Who knew that a television show about fairy tales could be so layered, intelligent and capable of switching up everything you thought you ever knew about these treasured classics?

Now in the real world,  it appears that Sidney wants to get help from Emma in exposing Regina for who she really is and taking her down.  His sudden desire to bring Regina down came as a surprise to me, because I always thought he was her right hand man.  I thought I had missed some kind of fallout between the two of them (and for that matter, maybe I have.  I’ll have to re-watch past episodes just to double check and see what’s up with that.)   Emma agrees to work with him but she wants things done by the book, whereas Sidney tries to convince her to take more extreme measures.  After finding out that Regina has pilfered $50,000 from city funds, she decides to do things Sidney’s way. I liked the two of them working together at first, even though I was convinced that Regina was on to them the whole time.

I do have to say that I knew Regina was building a new playhouse as soon as I saw those plans.  It just seemed more plausible than her building a second home and it also gave her leverage over Emma, because as it turns out, Sidney is still working with Regina.  This whole entire ordeal is a big plot to bring Emma down, not the other way around.  It’s also orchestrated to keep her away from Henry.  At this point, we know that Regina knows everything, but does Sidney?  That is something I’m not clear on, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

And how about the next episode?  The twist on Beauty and the Beast looks AWESOME!  February 12 can’t get here soon enough!  What did you think of last night’s episode?


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